Sometimes Cockroach Dares To Be A Bird: Bhartruhari Mahtab, Dubs Critics ‘Monsoon Insects With Foul Odour’

**Cuttack: ** Drawing sharp criticism from own party leaders, especially from Cuttack-Barabati MLA Debashish Samantray against his allegedly scathy columns in Odia newspapers, Cuttack MP (BJD) Bhartruhari Mahtab too retorted dubbing his critics as ‘cockroach’ and ‘monsoon insects with foul odour’.

“When the party is fielding us, we’re winning for the party, be it the MP candidate or MLA candidate,” the Cuttack MP sharply reacted to Cuttack-Barabati MLA’s earlier jibe that Cuttack MP Bhartruhari Mahtab has been winning for the five consecutive times only due to the BJD party, grassroots level workers and above all owing to the image of BJD supremo Naveen Patnaik.

On being asked to whom the simile ‘monsoon insects with foul odour’ was pointed at, Mahtab further added the metaphor of proverbial ‘cockroach sometimes dares to be a bird’ when some audacious people aims at flying high despite sans the potential.

He, however, denied having pointed his finger at any one of the BJD leaders.

“I know that I have been criticised in my absence. I think they are like insects having foul odour, which are mostly seen in rainy seasons”, Mahtab said satirically in his media reactions.

When being asked to comment on the massive ministerial reshuffle effected by BJD supremo-cum-Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Mahtab said, “I welcome it. There’s a limitation of number in cabinet reshuffle. It’s not easy to go beyond it. The way Naveen Babu has given shape to his fresh cabinet, it’ll be an able one and take forward the administration, that I trust. It’s an amalgam of both experience and freshness. That’s why it is very good.”

On being further queried if he would still continue his newspaper write-ups, the Cuttack MP, who owns and is also the editor of Odia daily ‘Prajatantra’, replied, “Articles on every Saturday and Sunday as well as the daily editorial are my as usual.”

Commenting on it, Cuttack-Barabati MLA Debashish Samantray said, “I reiterate that we all are winning only due to the party, supremo Naveen Patnaik’s image, his hard work and also by dint of the hard-working party workers at the grassroots level. Neither the MP nor me (MLA) can claim any personal credit for our win.”

“It’s my fourth term as an MLA and his (Mahtab) fifth stint. Hence, he can better answer who is audaciously trying to fly high. If I’m targetted, no harm, but he shouldn’t point finger at the party. Through the cabinet reshuffle, the Chief Minister has sent a clear and loud message that the party organisation is prime and we have to strive for strengthening it,” Samantray stated.

He also mentioned, “The Chief Minister himself has already termed Mahtab’s statement ‘negative’. When the CM has termed it as negative, why should he retort at me? The Chief Minister has already instructed to apprise him personally of any negative views. The MP’s statement has definitely created indiscipline in the party following which the Chief Minister reacted.”

When asked if the Cuttack MP wishes to defect to any other party, Samantray remarked, “Those who have switched over to BJP from BJD, they better know about their present status. While one is in CBI dragnet, one’s bouquet is not being accepted by the Prime Minister. Isn’t he (Mahtab) a witness to such happenings? Hence, he is well aware of the fact of the fate of deserting BJD and taking refuge in other party.”