Sons Turn Blind Eye To Ailing Mother, Woman Cries For Help In Odisha’s Talcher

**Angul:** Mothers take care of their children selflessly and the love and affection lasts till they breathe their last. But when it comes to children, why is the love not reciprocated duly? Two days back the world celebrated International Women’s Day, with all warmth, remembering the contribution of women in different roles at all stages of life. But there are women who are despised and neglected grossly by the ones who have always been nursed and loved unconditionally by the former.

A case in point is the story of Shantilata Nayak from Talcher’s Remuan who has been battling with death for the past six months.

Cursed by the destiny, Shantilata was afflicted by an infection on her right leg which aggravated to gangrene, leaving her bedridden.

Poor hygiene, lack of medication and no proper care contaminated the wound and Shantilata was in dire need of medical care.

Two of her able-bodied sons, or the hooch hound husband were least bothered, whether this woman survives or dies. Her former employers rushed her to the nearby Talcher Sub-Divisional Hospital where she was administered emergency care.

Post discharge, Shantilata was again resigned to her fate. Her neighbours, are treating her as an outcaste because of the rotten leg she carries. The two sons, daughters-in-law barely attend her for days together.

This woman was once the sole bread winner of a family of four. She toiled as a peasant, brick-kiln and construction worker as well as cleaned utensils in the neighbourhood, to feed her children and earn for the daily quota of her husband’s booze.

Leave apart, medical attention, today Shantilata is deprived of a proper meal in a day. “We managed to take her to the nearby hospital and also ensure that her wound is dressed regularly. But that is not enough. She needs systematic treatment and proper medical attention,” said Kumudini Rath, a resident of Remuan.

Shantilata has been afflicted by this infection for long. Her husband and two sons are in no way concerned about the woman’s health, said Sanjaya Kumar Misra, a native of Remuan.

The district administration needs to act emergently in order to save Shantilata from an untimely and painful death, says Dr Nirupama Mishra, a Paradip-based Gynecologist.

“Her condition is deteriorating as time passes. The affected part of the leg needs to be amputated to save her life,” Dr Mishra said.

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