Sorcery Killing: Six Persons Arrested For Killing Woman, 4 Minor Children In Odisha

**Sundergarh**: Six persons are being arrested for allegedly killing a 30 yr old woman Mangri Munda and her four children, 1-yr-old Raibari, 4-yr-old Chamra, 7-yr-old Tekia and 12-yr-old Tulasi suspecting them to be practicing sorcery.

Notably, the murder case was registered at Koida PS in Sundergarh district on 26th of January by Sudam Munda, the husband of the deceased woman and father of the children. He had found his family members missing on the fateful day after he returned from work.

The police reached the spot with a scientific team and dog squad only to find them to be murdered and their bodies dumped into a nearby well.

During investigation, the police found that one Gunia Budhram used to practice sorcery in the village. When the daughter of a couple named Debra and Sumi Munda fell ill, they took her to Budhram but she died. A few days later, their second daughter also fell ill.

Budhram told the couple that deceased Mangri Munda and her children are witches and they are responsible for the calamity.

So 3 brothers of Sumi Munda identified as Kishri, Salu and Dagam Munda planned to kill Mangri and her children. On the fateful day, when Mangri’s husband Sudam was not at home, the trio forcefully barged into their house and brutally killed all the 5 inmates of the house.

Some others are also suspected to be involved in the killing/ disposing the dead bodies. They disposed the bodies in the nearby well.

So far, 6 persons have been arrested including Gunia Budhram.

Further investigation is carried on.

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