Special Drives To Check Illegal Parking Below Flyovers In Bhubaneswar: Commissioner Of Police

Bhubaneswar: As parking below flyovers is not only illegal but could also be a security threat, Commissionerate Police has geared up to conduct special drives to keep this practice in check and take necessary action against the defaulters.

In rampant cases observed across the capital city, garage and mechanic shops park their vehicles under flyovers. Many of these vehicles have non-functioning engines and cannot be moved from the space. The public also follows the same practice when they do not have parking spaces in their homes or apartments.

Such scenes can be spotted near Bomikhal flyover, Jharpada flyover, Palasuni-Rasulgarh flyover and Rasulgarh-Satsang Vihar flyover among several others. This not only causes traffic congestion but can also prove to be a safety hazard.

“We have already begun checks from 25th of this month. We have to sustain this initiative and review the status in regular intervals. Many owners are being fined every single day for parking illegally under the flyovers. If warnings do not work, then we will begin towing the vehicles for which the owner will have to pay for the cost of the crane along with the fine amount,” Commissioner of Police Satyajit Mohanty said.

He added, “It should be common knowledge that all National Highways, State Highways and main roads are no parking zones. However, if need arises and cases of illegal parking increases then, we will start notifying some of these areas as ‘No Parking Zones’.

“It is alright if commuters park their vehicles under flyovers for few minutes while attending to some work. But, if this is done for a prolonged period of time and on continuous basis, then strict action will be taken,” he warned.


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