SPs Directed Against Storing Explosive Materials In Police Station Malkhana

Bhubaneswar: The Crime Branch has directed SPs of all districts and DCPs of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar not to keep explosive materials, corrosive substances, highly inflammable materials in the malkhana’s (storeroom for keeping seized goods of police stations.

Crime Branch ADG has shot a letter to all SPs and DCPs in this connection on Wednesday.

“Explosive materials, corrosive substances, highly inflammable materials should not be kept ordinarily in the Police Station malkhana. In the extreme cases, if it is necessary to keep those articles in the malkhana, the same shall be done only after due examination by Bomb Disposal Squad/other specialised agencies with necessary precautions,” read the letter.

The letter states that awaiting examination, such seized materials should be kept outside Police Station Malkhana, then the assistance of Bomb Disposal Squad and other specialised agencies be taken for diffusion/destruction of the same with due intimation to the jurisdictional court.

Further, the letter instructed SPs to entrust SDPOs/DSPs to visit all the Police Station malkhanas of the district by October 5 and take steps for the safety of the malkhana.

The letter states that for the safety of police personnel posted at Police Stations and visiting public it is imperative to take precautions and follow safety standards while keeping seized items such as explosive substances, corrosive and highly inflammable material etc in the Police Station Malkhana/campus.

Worth mentioning, the building housing the Balanga Police Station in Puri district collapsed late on Monday night after a powerful explosion ripped through its malkhana.

Sources in the police said that firecrackers and explosive materials seized in the past from illegal manufacturers were stored in the malkhana could have led to the blast.