Srimandir Daitapati Nijog Election: Rabindra Dasmohapatra Voted As President

**Puri:** Senior servitor Rabindra Dasmohapatra has been elected as the president and Surya Narayan Swain Mohapatra as the vice president of Daitapati Nijog of Puri Srimandir on Thursday.

Likewise, Durga Prasad Das Mohapatra has been elected as the secretary, Amit Das Mohapatra the assistant secretary and Chandrasekhar Das Mohapatra the treasurer of the servitors’ body.

Reportedly, 32 Daitapati servitors had filed nominations for the elections held on January 28, as part of the suggested Srimandir reforms by the Supreme Court. Later, 15 servitors were elected as executive office bearers of the Nijog.

Amid opposition on selection of the office bearers, some servitors had also resigned from their posts on the last minute. However, the matter was resolved soon and the process completed successfully.

Rabindra Dasmohapatra, President, Daitapati Nijog, Puri Srimandir

Surya Narayan Swain Mohapatra, Secretary, Daitapati Nijog, Puri Srimandir


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