State Able To Meet Peak Power Requirement, Outages Because Of Maintenance: Energy Secy

Bhubaneswar: While several parts of the State have reported power cuts during the month of May, the Energy Department today stated that these were due to the maintenance work carried out by distribution companies. During 2020, and 2021 the maintenance work was halted due to COVID, the DISCOMs stated at the meeting of the Standing Commitee on Energy on Wednesday.

“We do not have any power problem since May 1. The State Load Dispatch Centre is not regulating any power. But the distribution companies have informed that the outage during May was due to maintenance and capital work,” Secretary, Energy Department, Nikunja Bihari Dhal said.

Dhal added that he has advised the DISCOMs to minimise power outages because of public concern in the summer season and also to ensure that the outages are not during the night.. The peak requirement of Odisha is 4,000 to 4,500 MW and the State is able to meet it since May 1.

Standing Committee Chairman Subrat Tarai said, “The DISCOMs have been asked to give importance to time management and complete all its maintenance-related work before the monsoons. The company has assured to finish the task at the earliest.”