Students Of SAI International Donates His Piggy Bank Savings To The Odisha Police Department

Bhubaneswar: SAIoneer Ishan Nayak of Class VI, SAI International School has a very compassionate heart, who in wake of the current pandemic situation, has decided, to donate all his savings to the Police department for their undying and dedicated service to nation under COVID ridden times. He lovingly hands out every bit of money from his piggy bank to the Superintendent of Police.

Ishan states that in such heat, and rain all the cops are constantly on duty, both policemen and policewomen, hence he wishes to do donate all the money of his piggy bank for them. A very kind decision by the boy, almost saying let’s do our bit, wholeheartedly. Not only that, Ishan’s family has also allowed their child to decide on how he would like to use his saving.

His father Shri Bidhubhushan Nayak and his mother has completely supported his decision and are delighted with their child’s kind decision.

SAI Samaskara shapes the soul of young child, from tender age, to not just receive love but to give it back beautifully. It is wonderful to see our children to grow up as changemakers, caring for the community and society as a whole.

The holistic child centric education provides sound guidance to imbibe very good moral values in all the students. In an extraordinary time as now, all of us understand the importance of charity. This plays an important role in repaying back with heartfelt gratitude to the brave heart warriors, our police force in the pandemic.

Such donations give a chance to realize how wonderfully they have carried on their jobs, taking risk for their lives and continued working for the benefit of nation. Whether you want to help daily wage labourers, children or the people at the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, you can make your donations to charities presenting them with a hope of life.

The normal perspectives of what community service looked like in the past, and now proactive students to think of new acts of service. It is an opportunity to give back to society and garner a sense of being one with the community while championing a cause.

Let us all come together in being the changemakers in society. As this service is the aspect of selfless assistance that often allows someone to bring a particular challenge and that helps to overcome a major obstacle in our society. Without service-oriented people, our communities would cease to be a body of neighbours and cease to be a connected enclave of humanity.

Whatever the situation or circumstance, these service-oriented actions will give you food for thought with sense of wellbeing for all that you do in the service to others. Lets us all be of service to our communities!