Success Knows No Social Status, Auto-Rickshaw Driver’s Son Scores 91.5% In Odisha Matric Exams

Bhubaneswar: This auto-rickshaw driver’s son has been a glaring case in point proving true the age-old proverbs: “When there is will there is a way” and “Hard work is the most important key to success.”

He has also been a perfect proof of yet another truism: “Success knows no social status” and “Nothing succeeds like success.”   

Meet Abinash who has secured 91.5% marks in the Matriculation Exam as the results were declared yesterday by Odisha Board of Secondary Education (BSE).

The diligent boy has undoubtedly proved that hard work pays. It isn’t always that the genius or successful persons are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and success is their sole trademark. Even children from poor and lower middle class families can also taste the fruit of success if they religiously go for.

Abinash is never the son of a moneyed man or a white-collared Babu or a student of any English medium school. His father, Trinath Nayak, is an auto-rickshaw driver of Saheed Nagar area amid the din and bustle of this smart city while Abinash is a student of Unit-III based Capital High School (an Odia medium old educational institution run by the State Government).

Abinash in his reactions gave all the credits to his caring parents as well as their exemplary sacrifice, teachers, all well-wishers and above all his hard work from the very beginning of the academic year.    

He also informed that he used to labour for 4-5 hours more at home after school and private tuition hours keeping in mind that he shouldn’t exhaust himself on the eve of the exams.

He also informed that he has learnt from his family members not to exceed his limit of study pressure appealed all the parents not to exert too much academic pressures on their children, especially preparing for the exams.


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