Sundergarh SP Saumya Mishra's Effort Saves Two Accident Victims

11 September 2019


Sundergarh: Many lives can be saved if an accident victim is attended or shifted to a hospital during the golden hour. However, this is a rare sight in India. People travelling on the highways and even city roads, usually avoid to extend a helping hand.

However, there are exceptions. One such exception came to light on Tuesday, when a lady Government official stopped on the highway and attended three accident victims who were fighting for life. She facilitated shifting the injured persons to hospitals in her official vehicle.

The assistance came from none other than the District Superintendent of Police, Saumya Mishra. This young IPS officer was quick to reach out to the wounded persons, consoled them and instructed her staffers to shift them to the hospital.

"While proceeding on an official work I witnessed that a child and a man were lying on the road. It was an accident. We immediately shifted them to the local hospital for treatment," said Mishra.

Few metres ahead another person (mentioned in the beginning) was lying beside a bicycle. He was critically injured. This man was shifted by the orders of SP to Rajgangpur hospital from where he was referred to Rourkela. Unfortunately, the victim succumbed at Rourkela.

Mishra’s act has an essence of both duty and humanity. It sets an example for people on the roads who tend to ignore accident victims, who can be saved with a little effort.