Take Steps Soon To Save World Heritage Monument Konark Sun Temple From Water-Logging: Odisha CM Urges PM

**Bhubaneswar: ** As World-Heritage-Monument-tag-earned Konark Sun Temple is reeling under the ‘perpetual problem of water-logging’ in the rains, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take necessary measures immediately to save this magnificent pride of our culture and heritage.

“It is now imperative to take up the measures to drain out from the temple premises for enhancing the longevity of the temple a well to facilitate the visitors to witness the glory and grandeur of the standing 13th century edifice. The Archaeological Survey of India-the custodian of the temple may be asked to take up immediate steps for proper drainage of water on a permanent basis,” the CM states.

He also mentions, “Considering the seriousness of the issue, the State Government would be extremely keen to take up the drainage work if the Archaeological Survey of India gives due permission. However, what is important is that the flooding problem that poses threat to this World Heritage Monument is immediately attended to and a permanent solution is found.”

The significant letter also mentions:

“The Sun Temple is an exceptional testimony, in physical form, of the 13th-century, under the reign of Narasimha Deva I (AD 1238-1264). This temple complex is now facing a perpetual problem of water logging which affects the temple very much causing problems to the visiting tourists as well as hurting the emotions of the people.”

“In 1903, when a major excavation was attempted nearby, the then-Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, J. A. Baurdilon, ordered the temple to be sealed and filled with sand to prevent the collapse of the Jagamohana. The Mukhasala and Nata Mandir were repaired by 1905. In 1906 casuarina and punnang trees were planted facing the sea to provide a buffer against sand-laden winds. In 1909 the Sayadevi temple was discovered while removing sand and debris.”

“While taking up a small-scale test- digging in the year 2003, an original drainage system was noticed, which might have served the purpose of draining out the rain water from the temple precinct.”

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