Taladhwaja, Darpa Dalana, Nandighosha Arrive In Front Of Gundicha Temple

Puri: With the arrival of the Nandighosha-the chariot of Lord Jagannath at the Saradhabali in front of the Gundicha temple, the first leg of the annual Rath Yatra-Gundicha Yatra is complete.

The other two chariots- Taladhwaja of Lord Balabhadra and Darpa Dalana of Devi Subhadra had reached at Saradhabali before Lord Jagannath’s Nandighosha.
The three chariots are now parked at Saradhabali in front of the Gundicha temple here.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has thanked the sevayats (servitors) for the smooth conduct of the world-famous Rath Yatra in a disciplined manner.

Dr. Krishan Kumar, Chief Administrator, SJTA