Tension Grips Ravenshaw University, Students Protest “Indirect”, Demand “Direct” Students’ Union Election

**Cuttack: ** No sooner did the Ravenshaw University Vice Chancellor released advertisement today for indirect elections to the students’ union in the historic campus here, irate students vehemently protested it and resorted to demo before the Vice Chancellor’s office raising slogans against him. They even shut down the academic activities of the prestigious educational institution.

In her reactions, Ravenshaw Chhatra Kriyanusthan Committee (RCKC) member Arati Meher said, “The democratic right of the students is to participate in the direct election to the Students Union. Like last year this year too, the Ravenshaw authorities are thrusting indirect election on the students. We the students are strongly condemning it. We demand that the authorities should immediately withdraw this anti-student policy. The Ravenshaw authorities should decide on conducting the traditional direct election peacefully here.”

PG 2nd year (Pol Sc) student Ashok Tandi reacted, “We strongly condemn the decision. We won’t support it. Our demand is durect election to the Students’ Union. Every student should have the right to elect his/her leader. Voting rights being curtailed by the authorities here. Till no direct election decision is made, we the leaders of the students will continue with our protest along with other students.”

Last week, Ravenshaw University Vice Chancellor Prof Ishan Patro had clarified that there will be no Students’ Council like last year. It’ll be a Students’ Union. There will be a direct voting for the class representatives. The class representatives will select their leaders – President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, all the secretaries and assistant secretaries of the socities and clubs. He had reiterated that class representatives will be elected by secret votes directly by the students. And these class representatives from among themselves will vote for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, all the secretaries and assistant secretaries of the socities and clubs.

He had even informed that the election will be in two tiers, but on a single day.

Also the VC had informed media that it is not at all on experimental basis. It is in accordance with the Lyngdoh Commission’s Model Chart No 4D. This has already been tried out in other States since long. It doesn’t infringe upon the rights of the students. Whoever will be elected the President, Secretary etc will remain for the whole academic year.

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