The Inside Story Behind This Noble Journey In Malkangiri

**Malkangiri:** A doctor who was a messiah for a tribal pregnant woman hogged the limelight a few days back, as he carried the bleeding patient on a cot to the nearest health centre defying all the superstitions and obstacles thereby saving the life of the mother.

Talking exclusively to OMMCOM NEWS, Dr Omkar Hota recounted the incident. He said, “A journalist informed me about the ill condition of a tribal pregnant woman in the cut-off area of Malkangiri where the 102 ambulance refused to go due to the unavailability of roads and the Maoist threat. I went on my bike till the motorable road and then walked down to the village. The condition of the woman was really bad. She had complication in her pregnancy, but somehow I managed to pull out the baby safe and sound.”

But the ordeal of the doctor and the mother did not end here. The mother was bleeding profusely and her health was deteriorating.

“Her pulse was also dipping and she needed immediate hospitalisation. Superstitious belief of not touching a bleeding woman made it difficult for us to gather help. So her husband and I put her on a cot and carried her across the terrains. The ASHA worker carried the child and the journalist also aided us at intervals. I was constantly monitoring the woman on way and we reached the Health Centre after two and half hours.”

The woman was instantly put under medication by the doctor who monitored and treated her for 48 hours before discharging her.

When applauded, the young doctor gets intimidated as he does not think that he has done some heroic deed.

“I only did a humane thing. If not brought within time, she would have died. I treated her as a doctor. There is nothing great in it,” he retorted.

It is worth mentioning that he received the ‘best doctor’ award for the district on the Independence Day.

“I was informed that the CM wants to meet me. But I do not want so much of media attention. I have been doing such things on a regular basis round the clock as I live in a small room of the hospital and am available to my patients 24X7. I love working for the poor and needy,” said the humble doctor.


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