This Lady OAS Is Sexually Harassed & Helpless, Police Yet To Act

**Khandapada (Nayagarh)**: Empty rhetorics were meted out to Ms Sipra Sethy, Block Development Officer (BDO), Khandapada, when she first complained of an abusive call made to her on March 2nd in the local police station for the first time. The Panchayat elections were over and they were preparing for the Chairman election in that area when this lady OAS received her first call.

The person on the other side hurled sexual abuses in spite of her position. Unable to take it, she immediately went to the police station and complained about her situation. On being assured that they will take action, she returned home.

In a telephonic conversation exclusively to OMMCOM NEWS, Sipra Sethy informed, “The language used by the caller was so filthy that it prompted me to throw away the phone. I wrote a complaint and returned. After that, I got busy in the Chairman and Vice-Chairman’s elections which was held in March 11. I reminded the police to trace out the call and was re-assured that they are enquiring about it. But, on March 30, I again received a call from another number at around 10:30 am when I was in office. The caller hurled such slurring abuses in Odia which would put any sane woman in coma. I had never come across such filthy, abusive language during my 17 years of service. I immediately went to the police station and again filed a written complaint against that caller. The higher authorities had assured me of quick action but till now, no progress has been made in this case.”

While filing the initial written complaint, she had forwarded the copy to the higher authorities till PD (DRDA), ADM, and Collector.She even apprised the district Collector about the incident who assured her to look into the matter.

“I want that man to be immediately arrested and know his intentions behind such act. I feel so insecure, frightened and helpless, and am in a traumatic condition unable to perform my duties properly,”

“I can’t rule out any political angle, but can’t be sure of the miscreant who is carrying out such acts,” she informed.

When OMMCOM NEWS contacted Kanwar Vishal Singh, SP, Nayagarh, for his reactions in this case, he said, “The FIR has been registered in the Khandapada police station. It is under investigation. I came to know about this incident only after the FIR was registered. It is just one day and we are doing our investigation hoping to crack it down as soon as possible.”

OMMCOM NEWS has the audio recordings of the conversations of the miscreant with the OAS officer, but unable to play due to its absolutely abusive slangs used.

The question now arises that if a lady BDO faces such harassment and feels helpless, with police taking so long to act, what about the innumerable girls around the State who come across such harrowing experience every day.


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