Time To Introspect, Build Comprehensive Revival Strategy, Says Odisha Congress Veteran Narasingha Mishra

Bhubaneswar: The Congress party is swimming through troubled waters. The situation the oldest political party of India is facing, is undoubedtly one of the worst in its history. One of the circumstances being party president Rahul Gandhi’s electoral defeat in Amethi, the party’s pocketborough.

At a time when a spate of party leadership have offered their resignations, Odisha Congress is trying to build-up momentum with the nine newly elected MLAs. Party veteran and former leader of opposition, Narasingha Mishra who has won from Bolangir assembly seat, said that it is time for hardwork from the grassroots for the party.

“The performance of the party has not been satisfactory we have lost our stake to be the principal opposition party. But it is not the end of the road,” Mishra said.

He added, “Today we are 9 MLAs. In 1990 Congress had 10 MLAs in the Odisha assembly but the party bounced back to power in 1995. This is all about politics.”

Launching a veiled attack at Odisha Congress leadership, Mishra said, favouritism and dynastic politics were major factors behind the downfall of the party in the state.

Mishra said that BJP’s emhatic win in the Lok Sabha elections is a threat to democracy. “Democracy is going to be destroyed with BJP at the Centre of power,” the senior Congressman added.


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