Tiny Saioneers Back To School

Bhubaneswar: SAI campus came alive today with the homecoming of the little ones. The children from playgroup to class V returned back to school, their second home, after a long gap of two years today.

SAI Angan premises started reverberating with the laughter and shouting of the little ones who literally enjoyed reaching the school and were so warmly welcomed by their teachers.

The Principal Rashmi Pandey and the Senior Principal NilakanthaPanigrahi were also present at the gate with their smiling faces to welcome the children. The classes were very fondly decorated to make the children feel happy to be in their own places.

The Government opened up schools in view of creating a happy learning environment for the kids in the school with their own teachers.

Although the virtual classes have been quite successful, the children still missed their classrooms, the games, their teachers, and their friends.

The concept of being inside the school campus and participating in several activities and running in the corridors of the school was gradually fading which in fact was a concern for the schools, parents, teachers, and even the children themselves. The parents also happily sent their children to school.

Principal Pandey said, “It is a great day for all of us, as the children are always cared for and adored in SAI and their coming back was bliss. A lot of planning has been made to make the children feel at home, have fun activities to make them get together in the right spirit. Initial days would be fun and frolic, sharing of their activities at home during the pandemic. Gradually learning will catch up to its normal course. I and my team are super excited.”

The school has taken major steps to keep every nook and corner of the school clean and germ-free, besides following all the COVID guidelines set by the Government. Wearing of masks, use of sanitizers, and distancing are no way to be compromised.

This change after two years was certainly a break from the monotony, a fragrance in the lives of teachers and students, and a delightful need of the hour.