TN Return Coronavirus Suspect Under Quarantine In Capital Hospital

Bhubaneswar: A Tamil Nadu returned man who is a suspected case of coronavirus has been put under quarantine in the Capital Hospital here.

The 30-something man worked in a khadi mill in Tamil Nadu and returned to his hometown in Nayagarh a few days ago. He showed symptoms similar to that of one having coronavirus and had first consulted a local hospital.

The TN-return was referred to Capital Hospital where he has been in isolation since yesterday evening.

Hospital Director Dr. Ashok Kumar Pattnaik said, “The TN-return reported with a fever and intermittent coughing for four days.  Our resident pulmonologist inspected him and the patient is said to be stable. Even though his travel history reduces his chances of him contracting the disease, we are being careful. Swab of the patient will be sent to RMRC for testing and the test results are awaited.”

He added that since COVID-19 has been declared a state-wide epidemic, they do not want to leave anything to chance.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Pattnaik, Director, Capital Hospital


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