Toiling to Serve, Empower & Transform

Bhubaneswar: “Leaders instil in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.” – Anonymous

The above quote captures, in true sense, the approach of Odisha’s Mo Sarkar fervour under the 5T initiative. Odisha today looks at transformational changes. This is THE sign of progress from the incremental changes. Decades back when Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik took the reins in his hand the adjectives describing Odisha has changed from poor to progressive.

Leading from the front, Naveen also ensured to empower his team. Who else could have carried on the plans and vision of the CM better than VK Pandian, his trusted lieutenant for over eight years? Pandian, Private Secretary to the CM, was appointed Secretary to CM Transformation and Initiatives (5T) on July 29, 2019.

As many public statements have called Pandian eyes and ears to the CM for around a decade now, a fact remains that to be that, one has to have a mettle to reckon with. Pandian has indeed proved it. He is dedicated to serve the people, dedicated to their cause and committed to make things happen at the grassroots.

Addressing officials at a briefing session on the 5T initiative, Pandian had said: “In a democracy, every institution exists for the purpose of people. We draw our power from the people … We exist for the purpose of serving the people.”

A case in point being, the 5T Secretary’s recent visit to an NGO in Bhadrak. Within hours of Pandian’s visit, the State Institute for Disability Rehabilitation (SIDR) under SSEPD department released Rs 33 lakh pending funds to three NGOs for implementation of ‘Rehabilitation of physically, mentally challenged and socially disadvantaged persons’ programme in the district. The disbursal of these funds had been pending for three months.

With ‘Time’ under the ‘5T Initiatives’ being the main focus of State Government, the 5T Secretary has assured timely release of funds for effective implementation of the Government schemes and programmes. His surprise visits to the Government hospitals have put things in order like never before.

Officials, doctors, paramedics and allied staff, all are on their toes when on duty. Pandian’s message is loud and clear – there is no room for laxity when it comes to deliverables. The poor, needy and public, in general, should not be subjected to inconvenience while availing State’s services.

On ground, Pandian has walked his talk. MO SARKAR, as he puts it very curt in his conducts when dealing with the complaints has always been about how ethically are the complaints of the people dealt with. How responsive have the official concerned been and how sensitive had the system been to the citizens.

Pandian’s approach is very connected to the masses. He ensures to have meals at ‘Aahar’ centres and with underprivileged children at the orphanages. Governance and administration is better when the officials reach out to the people. And what could be a better way to feel the pulse of the beneficiaries.

A true service personal Pandian was empowered by the CM who recognized his dedication towards the people and Pandian is taking the legacy of leading from the front. He is empowering his officials and instilling in them the belief that Odisha needs development with precision which can only be achieved if each official treats the citizens with honest commitments of service.


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