Top 5 Restaurants In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: If anything we Odias are supremely proud of is the variety of food the State has to offer. Pick any taste or any course, and Odisha will have an array of dishes to offer.

There are several restaurants in the Capital city which offer to satiate food lovers across all cuisines. In this article we will be discussing the top five restaurants of Bhubaneswar, but they are not placed in any order and are just a few of the crowd favourites.

Mayfair Lagoon

One of the top restaurants of Bhubaneswar, the Mayfair Lagoon has an array of restaurants housed in it. Lemon Grass, Nakli Dhaba, Kanika, Teapot, Mamma Mia, Super Snax are just few of them. From Odia, Punjabi, Mexican, Italian cuisines to pastries and puffs- one can get all under one roof.


One of the top hotels of Bhubaneswar also offers a huge variety of foods across several cuisines in the serenity of landscape gardens. They not only boast of fresh produce but also their wide range of seafood dishes.


This multi-cuisine restaurant is more known for its spread in north Indian dishes. Its buffet is a major attraction. The patrons vouch for the ambience and hospitality.


If you are a lover of authentic Odia food, then Dalma is the place to go. It goes with its sole mission of popularizing Odia cuisine in the country and hopes to introduce every tourist to the soul-satisfying Odia food.

Swosti Premium

This restaurant aims at offering not just a fine dining experience with lip-smacking delectables from all around the world. With great ambience and customer service, what more could one ask for.


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