Tourist’s Body On Trolley Rickshaw From Puri Railway Station To Swargadwara

**Puri:** In an appalling incident, the body of a tourist from Madhya Pradesh was being carried on trolley rickshaw from the railway station here to the Swargadwara when the district administration extended helping hand midway with hearse van, ambulance and cremation on Tuesday evening.

Even the bereft wife was handed over Rs 10,000 from the District Red Cross Fund.
The 60-year-old deceased named Durni Bandewada from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh had come here for pilgrimage with wife and other fellow pilgrims from the region by train on Monday.

The bereft wife grieved, “He was sick. He had undergone abdominal operation. We had come here for pilgrimage. After being discharged from hospital here, we had come here by auto rickshaw. He died near the ATM here on the railway platform. The district administration helped me with Rs 10,000.”

A fellow tourist woman Jyoti Deheria informed media, “We’re all from same block. We came together here for pilgrimage. While on train, he had vomiting twice near Sambalpur station. We administered him ORS. After arriving here, we rushed him to private hospital so that he could recover soon. One saline was administered there, but to no avail. Thus, we shifted him to the government hospital here. Being admitted, 2-3 salines were administered there during night. But in the next morning, doctor there advised to shift him soon to a big private hospital as his condition was critical. We asked for an ambulance. The driver demanded Rs 1500. Our return train was at 5 pm today. We were here on the platform waiting for the train. He was given juice twice. Later, he breathed his last. His wife wished that his body should be transported to our native place by ambulance. We rang up the ambulance. They refused to take us to Madhya Pradesh. We urged them to at least drop at the Maharashtra border. No administrative help was extended to us then. As we are strangers, we asked the help of auto rickshaw for taking us to the cremation ground. Later, a trolley rickshaw could be arranged. Midway, the district administration helped us with ambulance and other facilities. Rs 10,000 aid has been given.”

Madhusudan Das, Sub-Collector, Puri informed, “One tourist from Madhya Pradesh had come here. He was ill and was checked up at the E-24 Hospital. Later, the family member had taken to Puri DHH. After availing prescribed medicine, they were here on the railway platform today (Tuesday) when he expired. Without seeking anybody’s help, they were ferrying the body on a trolley to Swargadwara for cremation. During that time, it caught of sight of the district administration. Immediately, the body was transported to Swargadwara by a hearse van under the “Mahaparayan” scheme. Under my supervision as well as the Puri Municipality Enforcement Officer, the cremation was solemnised in presence of the family members and others under the “Harishchandra” yojana. Also we extended an aid of Rs 10,000 to the bereft wife from our District Red Cross Fund.”


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