Traditional Herbal Oil Treatment ‘Phuluri Tela Seba’ Administered To ‘Sick’ Holy Trinity

**Puri**: Five days after the ‘Snana Purnima’ when the Holy Trinity had the ritualistic bath of 108 pitchers of water and fell ill, a special herbal oil treatment will be administered to them to battle the fever.

Known as ‘Phuluri Tela Seba’, it is one of the most important part of the herbal therapy in which the traditional healers apply the ‘Phuluri Oil’, a special oil which is brewed over an year at the Bada Odia Matha.

“When the holy siblings are in the ‘Anabasara’ period, they are treated with this special herbal oil. The main ingredients of this oil are the natural flowers of every season like the malli and champa. Sandalwood powder, camphor and many more elements are used in the preparation of this divine potion. On the fifth day of ‘Anasara’, this herbal oil treatment is carried on as part of a secret healing method under supervision of the Raja Vaida,” informed Bansidhar Dash Goswami, Odia Matha Mahanta Maharaj.

It is believed that with this herbal oil treatment, the deities recuperate effectively before beginning their annual sojourn to Mausi Maa temple famously called the Rath Yatra.

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