Transgenders Celebrate Rakhi, Shower Love On Children Of Jail Inmates In Bhubaneswar

**Bhubaneswar:** When the parents of some children are serving jail terms across Odisha, this shelter home at the capital city is taking care of the upbringing of the children.

The children of Madhura Mayee Adarsh Sikshya Niketan here celebrated ‘Rakhya Bandhan Utsav’. Like other festivals, the All Odisha Kinnar and Transgender Association wholeheartedly celebrated ‘rakhi’ and made the children’s day.

The shelter makes all efforts to make sure that the children taste all flavours of our cultural heritage and never feel cut off from the mainstream.

All Odisha Kinnar and Transgender Association president Menaka said, “This is not for the first time we’ve come here. We’re very glad to visit this place and are very happy to see these kids happy. They are staying here away from their parents. We do not want them to feel lonely in the auspicious occasion of universal brotherhood.”

All Odisha Kinnar and Transgender Association member Shreya said, “We are ourselves staying here leaving behind our own homes and family members. We have here no one near and dear. Since we don’t have any brothers to tie rakhi, we derive the same feelings and also share it reciprocally with them here.”

One of the girl said, “We’ve received so much love and affection that it doesn’t feel like we are alone, I cannot feel like my parents are in the jail. I tied rakhi and made a lot of brothers here. I feel at home here”.

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