Transport Commissioner Offers Help To Citizens Facing Legal Trouble For Helping Accident Victims

Bhubaneswar: Transport Commissioner of Odisha, Arun Bothra has offered help to people who are facing legal troubles after helping accident victim anywhere in Odisha.

Citizens, in such cases, can send a direct message over Twitter to Bothra. “I promise to take care of it. Can try to help in other states also,” the senior IPS officer said.

Bothra, the Transport Commissioner-cum-Chairman of State Transport Authority responded to one of the Twitteratis who said, “In real scenarios, the people who tried to help get suspected as the ones causing accidents.”

In the conversation chain on Twitter on Thursday morning, Bothra started by sharing the road accident fatality figures.

“Every year more than 1.5 lakhs people die in road accidents in India. We have just 1% of the world’s vehicles but account for 11% of the global death in road accidents, the highest in the world,” he Tweeted.

In Odisha, the Government rewards the citizens who help in saving life of injured people with Rs 2,000. Recently, the Government of India has announced reward of Rs 5,000 for each such Good Samaritan, he further stated in a Tweet.

Bothra added, most people are unaware of it. Saving life of an accident victim won’t put you in any legal mess. Under the Good Samaritans Law citizens are:

1. Protected from any legal liability.
2. Not compelled to be an eyewitness.
3. May not reveal their identity even.
4. Hospital can’t refuse to treat accident victims.