Tribal Woman Separated From Adopted Wild Boar, Shattered

Keonjhar: Love and affection know no bounds. A case in point is the affinity and attachment of a wild boar with a village woman belonging to Purushottampur under Telkoi police limits in the district.

Two years back, the woman, Kuntala Kumari Penthei had gone into the Bimala jungle to fetch firewood when she crossed paths with a baby boar. While the infant boar had separated from its family, Kuntala took the animal with her and brought it home.

Since then, the boar had been living with the woman as a child. She used to feed it on time and took care of the boar when it was sick. However, a few days back, the locals lodged a complaint with the Forest officials about a wild animal being raised amid human habitation.

The forest department personnel rescued the boar and set it free in the nearby forest, said reportṣ. It came as a shock for the woman who felt she lost her child. Kuntala remained disturbed ever since she was separated from the wild boar.

She is often seen treading into the forest in search of her baby boar. Kuntala carries rice and water to feed it but returns with disappointment as she is not able to trace her. The filial affection of the woman for an animal has become a talk of the town.

“A mother knows no laws and acts. For her the love and well being of child is supreme. I feel shattered not being able to trace my Dhudu. I am all alone without my child. I want to be with Dhudu and raise it,” laments Kuntala.