Tributes To Odia Freedom Fighter Bhagirathi Pattnaik On His 136th Anniversary

Bargarh: The residents of Barapali town in Bargarh district paid tributes to freedom fighter Bhagirathi Pattnaik on his 136th birth anniversary on Saturday. On this occasion an event was organised at Bhagirathi Pattnaik UP School which was graced by local MLA Rita Sahu.

Bhagirathi was born on November 9, 1884 at Barpali to Jadunath Pattnaik and Kumari Bani. In his initial years he worked as a school teacher and Nazir in the court of Patna king Prithviraj Singh Deo but soon gave up the job and raised his voice against the tyranny of the king for which he was jailed on February 9, 1920 at Bolangir Jail and released on December 7, 1920.

He was an active follower of Mahatma Gandhi and is remembered for his role in the Non Cooperation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement and Quit India Movement. He had full support of his wife and son, who also accompanied him to jail on many occasions.

Bhagirathi is also known for entering the Jagannath temple at Barpali with the untouchables. He also took active part in the Bhoodan movement in 1957 for which they got a village ‘Panimora’ as Gramdan.