Truck Crash Lands On Bus From Flyover, Close Shave For Passengers

Anandapur: As many as 50 passengers of a bus had a narrow escape from death when an iron ore-laden truck moving over the Shalpada flyover overturned partly on it after plunging from a height of nearly 20 feet.

According to eyewitnesses, it was because of the alertness of the bus driver a major accident was averted thus saving 50 lives.

According to reports, at around 11 AM today a bus named Padmavati going to Bhubaneswar from Karanjia was passing on the service road along the flyover at Shalpada when an iron ore laden truck which was on its way to Paradip on the flyover crash-landed on it after its driver lost control over the wheels.

The alert driver of the bus suddenly applied brakes on seeing the truck plunging towards it from the flyover. While the front portion of the bus has been damaged there have been no casualties. Passengers of the bus managed to alight from the bus using its emergency door.

The driver of the truck and the conductor of the bus have been seriously injured in the accident.

Rescue and operation was carried out by Fire Service and Police personnel.