Tusker In Centre Of Human Turf In Odisha’s Capital

Bhubaneswar: The presence of a lone tusker in the centre of a human habitat at Kalinga Vihar in Bhubaneswar on Monday has raised the concern of the denizens residing in the area.

Reportedly, the tusker had ventured into the forest patch at Kalinga Vihar area from Patrapada side. It was first noticed by a woman residing in the slum nearby when she had gone to attend nature’s call.

The woman had injured herself in a bid to avoid being attacked by the pachyderm. On getting information, forest department personnel visited the area and gave a helpline number to the locals to contact if the elephant is sighted again.

Later at around 6.30 AM, people saw the tusker again near the Shiva Temple in Kalinga Vihar and informed the forest department. As a crowd gathered, the elephant entered into the safety of the forest patch before the arrival of forest department officials.

Meanwhile, forest personnel from City Forest Division and Chandaka Wildlife Division have cordoned the area and have advised people to stay indoors.

Forest official Mohammad Jamir informed that normally elephants do not move during the daytime, it will move out of the area into its natural habitat in the evening.

Dinesh Sahoo, Local Resident

Mohammad Jamir, Forest Official


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