Tuskers Enter Sundergarh’s Bonai, Locals Terrified

Sundergarh: Two tuskers which had got separated from their herd have entered Bonai forest range. These two elephants have terrorised the locals of Bonai, Tamara and nearby villages by destroying crops.

The villagers have to lock themselves up during the daytime also because the two elephants are wild, a Bonai local said. This activity has been continuing from last five days.

A range officer, an ACF and elephant squad have rushed to the area to overpower the jumbos and release them back into the forest.
According to reports, the two elephants have crossed Bramhani river and are now located near the inspection bunglow of the forest department in Bonai town.

Efforts are on to control the situation, the forest department personnel said. Meanwhile the villagers have demanded compensation for crop damage.