Twitterati Flutter Over ‘Rasagolla’ GI Tag Win & Loss

**Bhubaneswar: ** When the news broke that West Bengal has won the GI battle for the king of sweets, ‘Rasagolla’, Twitter was flooded with comments where the pro-Bengalis were seen self-praising themselves whereas the heart broken pro-Odisha group was busy consoling themselves.

Even the politicians of both the States unleashed their feelings regarding this GI win-loss situation.

Some people seemed to be unperturbed by the GI tag identification, but some got disturbed by the need to give this tag.

Some people even lashed out the governments to stop politicising food items.

Some people have even taunted on the immaturity of this GI tag game.

Though the battle over the origin is still to continue, people should keep away from the politics of food and enjoy the delicious sweet, irrespective of its origin.


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