Two Class VIII Boys Go Missing In Dhenkanal, Parents Cry Foul

Dhenkanal: Two students of the BB High School of Dhenkanal town have been missing since Sunday.

In a complaint to the police, parent of one of the boys has stated that their son Ayushman Nayak and his friend Om Prakash Parida, both Class VIII students, failed to return home on Sunday after attending their sports practice in nearby stadium.

They also said that the boys had left their respective homes on cycles but found only one cycle in the stadium.

Ayushman is a resident of Kunjakanta area, while Om resides at Gudia Nali. Both boys are close friends and used to go together to schools practice sessions. The parents of the missing boys have made claims of their sons getting kidnapped; while a rumour of the teenagers absconding is also rife.

Speaking on the matter at hand Dhenkanal SP Anupama James said, “We are trying to follow the path that the boys might have followed by verifying CCTV footages and asking locals who might have spotted them. The parents have not received any ransom calls yet but we have not ruled kidnapping yet. We are probing the case in every possible angle so that the kids come back home safe.”

Anupama James, Superintendent of Police, Dhenkanal


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