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Two Elephant Herds Give Sleepless Nights To Sundargarh Residents

Sundargarh: The residents of Bargaon and Kutra blocks in Sundargarh district have been spending sleepless nights for the last few days after two separate herds of about 20-25 elephants have been causing widespread damage to life and property.

A herd of tuskers has made Mahabir hills in Bargaon block its temporary abode for last two weeks. During the night they sneak into nearby villages such as Birtola and Kadopada. There is a palpable panic in the area and the forest officials have been reportedly trying hard to drive away the elephants but in vain.

Meanwhile, Kusumdegi area of Kutra block has also been terrorised by a herd of elephants. The pachyderms enter the village area after sunset and have been reported to have destroyed paddy and damaged houses. This herd consists of female, male and also calves. It is suspected that the tuskers have come from the Badarama reserve forest in Bamara forest range of Sambalpur district.


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