Two Separate Trains From Bhubaneswar To Jagdalpur And Junagarh Road Approved By Railways

Bhubaneswar: The Indian Railways has some good news for people travelling from Bhubaneswar to Jagdalpur and Bhubaneswar to Jungarh Road.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has accorded approval for running two independent trains from Bhubaneswar to Jagdalpur and Junagarh Road.

In a letter to Union Petroleum Dharmendra Pradhan, Goyal stated that the Railways have decided to run:

18437/18438 Bhubaneswar-Junagarh Road Express between Bhubaneswar and Junagarh Road &

18447/18448 Bhubaneswar-Jagdalpur Hirakhand Express between Bhubaneswar and Jagdalpur.

These two trains will run as separate services, Goyal said in his letter.

Currently, the trains between these towns start as one amalgamated train with 10 coaches bound for Jungarh and 12 coaches destined for Jagdalpur with a split up at Rayagada.

On the return journey also, two trains are amalgamated at Rayagada and proceed towards Bhubaneswar as one train.

Pradhan had written to Goyal requesting him to start two separate trains for the convenience of the travellers.

The present system creates many difficulties for the passengers especially from Kalahandi. Sometimes passengers are not able to board the proper coaches due to the complications involved, Pradhan noted.


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