Two Tribal Women Intoxicated & Raped, One Attempts Suicide

**Soro: ** In a ghastly incident, two tribal women were allegedly intoxicated and then raped by a man in Soro of Balasore district on Tuesday. They have filed a complaint against the accused in the Soro PS on Thursday.

“The victims are sent for a medical examination. We are trying to nab the culprit as soon as possible,” said Kartik Mallick, IIC, Soro PS.

The accused, a tractor driver named as Sasodhar Jena, had taken both the women for a joyride at the foothills of Debagiri. There, he had intoxicated both the women by making them drink liquor and had raped them one by one.

“We were not in our senses. He forced himself upon us, and we were unable to even protest his advances properly due to intoxication. He had mixed beer in a drink and made us drink,” said one of the tribal woman.

One of the women tried to commit suicide by consuming poison but was rushed to the Soro hospital. She is stated to be stable now. This incident has enraged the locals.

“After I came to senses, the humiliation was unbearable to me. I was unable to take the fact that I was raped, so I tried to commit suicide,” said one of the victims.

Both the women even got injured while trying to protest. Then he threw them amidst the bushes in Maantari village and fled the spot.

Police is investigating the case.