‘Uber Loot’ Case Accused Caught, Several Vehicles Recovered

**Bhubaneswar**: Two miscreants, who were involved in the Uber loot case of July 5, were arrested by a Special Squad and Khandagiri Police today morning.

The accused have been identified as Krushna Chandra Das of Aiginia and Barun Kumar Patra of Raghunath Nagar.

Early morning on July 5, the robbers posing as passengers had booked an Uber car near Tapoban High School in Khandagiri. When the car arrived at the destination, the duo assaulted the driver and fled with his Hyundai car.

The Uber driver, Jogesh Mahakuda said, “They attacked me with swords and severely injured me. Then they looted all my money and ran away with my car.”

In order to nab the culprits, the police had put the phone number, from which the cab had been booked, on surveillance.

Bhubaneswar DCP Anup Kumar Sahoo said, “The Khandagiri case was not the only one. The duo was also involved in eight other highway robbery cases, complaints against which were registered in Nayapalli, Jatni and Chandarsekharpur police stations as well.”

One Ajay Sahu, who had faced a similar ordeal in Baramunda, narrated, “I was traveling on my Activa (scooter) when a car hit me from the behind. When I fell off my Scooty, the robbers attacked me and I backed off. Then they ran away with my vehicle.”

Commenting on the modus operandi of the nabbed dacoits, the DCP confirmed that the duo operated early in the morning on National Highways, assaulted commuters, seized their vehicles and dumped the automobiles in Sonepur.

Five motorcycles, two cars, and two scooters have been recovered from the robbers possession. Along with that, ten mobile phones and two blood-stained swords that were used in the crimes, were also seized.

Sahoo also said that one of the accused had been previously detained in a snatching case that had taken place in Saheed Nagar.

The police is further investigating the matter and immediate steps are being taken to return the vehicles to their respective owners.

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