Umerkote MLA Calls Upon Youth To Take Up Farming

Umerkote: MLA Nityananda Gond of Umerkote assembly constituency, who has always been the talk of the town, is also known to take time out of his busy life for farming crops.

Recently, the legislator was seen reaping rice crops and doing other agricultural work at his farmland with daily wagers.

As he belongs to a farming family, Gond expressed that he has a weakness for farming and his work helps in building the self-confidence of others.

“I have been given the opportunity to serve the people. Although I have been elected a legislator but first of all I am a farmer and farming has been our profession since the time of my forefathers,” said Gond.

“I used to give more time to farming earlier but my responsibilities have increased as a legislator so I can’t spend more time on farming,” he added.

Accompanying Gond was his wife, who is a teacher by profession. He also called upon the youth to take up farming and assist in the progress of the country.