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Unable To Get Ambulance, Puri Man Pedals Ailing Wife To SCB

Cuttack: After failing to avail an ambulance aged Kabir Bhuyin was left with no option but to pedal his ailing wife on a trolley rickshaw from Sakhigopal in Puri to SCB Medical College and Hospital here.

The journey of about 90 km was arduous no doubt but shows Kabir’s grit and his dedication towards his better half.

Kabir’s wife Sukanti had been unwell for a while and was undergoing treatment at the District Headquarter Hospital at Puri. As her condition worsened after a sudden drop in haemoglobin levels, the doctors advised her to be shifted to SCB.

Kabir first tried to avail state ambulance services but was unable to get one. Next, he attempted to book an auto-rickshaw but had to cancel that plan as the fare was Rs 1200; which is a huge amount for Kabir. Left with no other means, he hired a trolley rickshaw for Rs 50 per day and carried Sukanti on it from Sakhigopal to Cuttack.


Unable To Get Ambulance, Puri Man Pedals Ailing Wife To SCB

On Friday evening, a Samaritan offered them food and shelter at Telengapentha here. While on the way to SCB on Saturday, a few social workers and journalists spotted them facilitated Sukanti’s admission into the hospital.

SCB authorities informed that they have run a few preliminary tests on Sukanti and added that she will soon be shifted to the hospital ward from the casualty.

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