Unavailability Of Cash Hits City Denizens In Aftermath Of FANI

**Bhubaneswar:** Over two years after demonetisation, long queues before ATMs were again noticed in Bhubaneswar in the aftermath of extremely severe cyclonic storm FANI.

A total power outage and extensive damage to the communication network in the State Capital has not only hit online financial transactions, the city denizens are also unable to transact through debit and credit cards at consumer outlets.

As a result people are forced to transact through cash. However, excluding one or two ATMs in the city all others are behind shutters, leaving hundreds of people gather in front of the systems where cash is available.

A long queue of over 200 people was seen today in front of an ATM at Damana Square. 

Talking to OMMCOM NEWS, many of them informed that they have been waiting under the sun for hours together to get a chance to withdraw their money. However, due to unavailability of large amount of cash, they are being allowed to withdraw only Rs 1000 each.

Youths, who are dependent on online transactions said, “PhonePe and other applications are also not working. Without money, we haven’t been able to purchase anything. We have been surviving without a proper meal for three days now.”

After looking for cash and facing rejection in ATMs of Baramunda, Shaheed Nagar and Patia, close to a hundred people lined up in front of an ATM in Damana Square on Sunday. The queue extended up to several metres. It took each person at least 4 hours to reach the machine. But, they were ready to brave the scorching Sun and the sweat.

A woman cried, “The entire process is very difficult. On top of that, we are allowed to withdraw only Rs 1000. I hope two ATMs start working in every area as soon as possible. Till then, this is my last hope.”

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