UNICEF Asks Odisha Police To Be Committed For Rights Of Children

**Bhubaneswar: ** The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Thursday exhorted Odisha Police to study good practices as adopted by different States in a bid to check crime against children. It also underlined the need for inter-departmental coordination for proper implementation of child-related laws in the State here.

This was stressed upon at a two-day workshop organised by the Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Commissionerate Police here inaugurated by Odisha DGP R.P. Sharma.

In her media reactions, UNICEF’s Odisha Field Office chief Yumi Bae said, “When a child comes into contact with a police man or woman, that means that the child is in a very extra-ordinary situation, a situation of extreme vulnerability. Simply spoken, a very scary situation for children to actually come into contact with the police. That’s why we all need to understand what is required for the child to go through this very unusual and difficult situation, with their rights protected and their safety.”

She added, “Usually the police is always the first one the child comes into contact with. That’s why it is so important that the police as well as all persons of the government and we as stakeholders understand the children’s psychology and emotions and what are the guidelines to ensure the children’s safety and security.”

She also said, “It is important that the Commissionerate of Police has today taken the action to take one more step to sensitise senior officials of the police on the needs of the children when they come into contact with the police. I am so happy that the DG of Police also committed that the sensitisation has to be for every single police man and woman regardless of rank.”

Police Commissioner Y.B. Khurania said, “Commissionerate Police has organised a two-day workshop on child-related legislation. Starting from Inspector rank to SP from all the districts including Crime Branch and HRPC are attending. Resource persons from the country who have expertise on it have been invited to keep their views. Social Welfare Department, Women and Child Development Department, Health Department, Prosecutors will sit together and discuss on it.”

“In 2015, Juvenile Justice Act has been implemented afresh. It has many provisions. It has been observed that there is a bit of lack in awareness. The police officers who are working at the field level, they will be sensitized how to handle a crime related to a child. When a person is in trouble, police is the first responder and we need to be very sensible at that time,” the Police Commissioner stated.

Y.B. Khurania, Police Commissioner, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Commissionerate Police


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