Unsafe School Transport: Hear What The Parents And Teachers Have To Say

**Bhubaneswar**: The safety of students in schools has degraded to a point where parents have to hold their breaths each time their child leaves home in the morning till the time they return in the afternoon. In light of yesterday’s Bhadrak NH tragedy, where five students were mercilessly mowed down by a 10-wheeler lorry, parents and teachers are pulling all strings to ensure children’s safety.

A parent Kumar Avisek said, “Parents are not taking proper care of their children’s saftey and are sending them in small vans and over-crowded autos. This transport services do not have an attendant or a conductor in them. Parents should check all these parameters before agreeing to such a service.”

Emphasizing on the need of better traffic regulation near schools, another parent Sunita Patri said, “To maintain a proper sequence of cars and bikes, traffic should be controlled in a more efficient manner. The school administration should also realize that if official buses are provided by them for the children, then everything will be done under proper rules and regulations. No private entity can then misuse their power.”

One Niranjan Swain said, “We, as parents have to be alert. Parents should not allow their children to travel in small vehicles that have irresponsible drivers who overload the vehicle more than the allowed capacity. As far as traffic is concerned, the public is responsible for the jams and congestions. Realizing their responsibility towards small children, the citizens should drive better and park accordingly.”

A concerned mother Kasturika Das said, “I prefer picking up my children from school myself. In today’s day and time that is the safest option. But, I can understand that people who are going for work cannot do this every day. In that case, they should be aware of how their children are travelling.”

Expressing grief over yesterday’s incident, Principal of Capital High School Sonamika Rai said, “Yesterday’s accident was absolutely tragic. Since our school is situated right next to the road, we have made it a point to engage one teacher during the dismissal to guide the children from one side to another. We also organize traffic awareness training sessions for children, wherein they are taught to cross road vigilantly.”

“Coming to the issue of overloading in vans and autos, the responsibility is not only of the parents but the drivers should also have a conscience. They should make sure that the children traveling in their vehicles reach home safely,” she added.

Notably on Thursday afternoon, a speeding 10-wheeler lorry ran over five school children while they were crossing the National Highway 16 in Bhadrak, on their way back home.

Expressing deep grief, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has already announced Rs 4 lakh ex-gratia to the family of the deceased.

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