Urban Crime & Crime Against Women Causing Concern, Need To Do Well By Adopting Technology, 5Ts: New Odisha DGP

Cuttack: Soon after assuming office as the new DGP of Odisha today, senior IPS officer B.K. Sharma stressed on adopting technology and State Government’s 5Ts mantra so that the police station is more people-friendly and quick service provider. He also stressed on containing the emerging crime in urban areas as well as crime against women.

In his media reactions, the new DGP of Odisha said, “State Police basically is dedicated to maintenance of law and order and crime control. Days to come, there will be lots of opportunities where we need to maintain law and order very effectively. In urban areas, crime is emerging as a major issue. Crime against women is causing concern. These are the areas where we need to do well and earn the confidence of the people.”

He stated, “In the naxalite front, we have done well. Naxalite pockets are now limited to few districts. We need to contain naxalite activities in these districts so that development work can go on.”

“For me what is a very important issue is how the police station is functioning. The police station is the nerve centre in the entire system. When you go to a police station, what kind of response you get? How transparent are the functionings of the police station? Do you face harassment there? Do you find that you have to run to the police station a number of time for getting small services which they are duty bound to provide? So I want police station staff to be more sympathetic, more caring, concerned about the grievances of the people and do everything possible to redress that in a time bound manner,” the new DGP stressed.

Elucidating on his point of view, he said, “Technology is a force multiplier. There is resistance to adopt technology. I would like every police personnel, even a home guard up to the level of an IIC of a police station, and even senior officers to adopt technology, whether it is computerization, whether it is finger print, whether it is face identification, whether it is DNA. Unless you adopt technology, you will not be able to achieve the kind of result that other police forces are achieving. And other police officers are able to achieve convictions which we are lagging behind because our adoption to technology is not as much. State Government is also emphasizing about 5T. So need to adopt technology so that police station is transformed.”

He added, “To me accessibility of senior officer is also a very major issue. We should be accessible to the people through various platforms, including social media, telephony, e-mails should be available to people to approach us. There are issued in the police stations which are not getting redressed. Every senior police officer should intervene and help out common citizens. That is what should be our aim and motto.”

He further stated, “To me Odisha Police has a very good tradition. I would consider it to be caste neutral, efficient and committed police force. There are many police officers who are very dedicated. One doesn’t rule out the existence of black sheep. But many of the police officers very dedicated and we need to harness such positive energy and ensure that the whole organization is committed to public service and committed to provide better police service to the people.”

“Odisha has done well in CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems). Recently we got a reward at the national level for having adopted CCTNS in a very big way. So computerization in the police station is there. We need to only motivate people to use it more so that computerization becomes a force multiplier and we are able to do well in detection of cases,” asserted the new DGP of Odisha.


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