Utkala Dibasa: CM Naveen Pays Tributes To Gopabandhu Das, Mahatma Gandhi

Cuttack: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik paid tributes to Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das and Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi while the State is celebrating Utkala Dibasa on Thursday.

Visiting Cuttack today, the Chief Minister first inaugurated a statue of Gopabandhu Das at Gopabandhu Square on Cantonment Road in Cuttack. The sculpture has been named the Statue of Humanity.

Gopabandhu is remembered for his humanitarian work in Odisha. He has always been a source of inspiration for helping the poor and the needy. The Chief Minister hoped that the idol of Gopabandhu, as a symbol of humanity, would inspire the masses for the service of the poor for centuries.

The centenary celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s first arrival in Odisha is been held across the state since March 23. During the visit, Mahatma Gandhi had addressed a public gathering on the banks of Kathajodi River in Cuttack.

Today, as a memorial to Mahatma’s arrival in Odisha, the Chief Minister unveiled a High Relief Mural Sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi at Bellview Square near Kathajodi River. It beautifully depicts scenes of Gandhi’s various movements and his ideals and policies.

Truth and non-violence is India’s greatest contribution to the world. As a preacher of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi has given a new direction to the whole world and its relevance is becoming more and more felt in today’s world, said the Chief Minister.

Mahatma Gandhi visited Odisha eight times between 1921 and 1946 and travelled to different parts of Odisha to better understand the problems of the state. He also strongly supported the formation of a separate state of Odisha.

On the occasion of Utkala Dibasa or Odisha Dibasa, the Chief Minister hoped that the ideals and ideas of the two great men of the twentieth century, Gandhi and Gopabandhu, would inspire the youth to work more dedicatedly for the country and the nation.

Debi Prasad Mishra, BJD MLA