Village Kangaroo Court Makes School Teacher Kneel Down, Forces To Resign & Pay Rs 50,000 Penalty

**Angul:** It all appears that people have become prone to breaching law of the land by rather opting to take law into their own hands and delivering instant justice by constituting kangaroo court at their level.

A glaring case in point is an incident that took place in Patakumunda High School under Chhendipada block in the district here on Thursday.

An accused teacher, Laxmi Prasad Bhujabal, had to kneel down as well as prostrate before the villagers as a mark of punishment for his alleged misbehaviour meted out to a girl student.

He was not only allegedly forced to tender his resignation in writing, but also had to cough off Rs 50,000 penalty.

As per report, the punished teacher on December 18 had allegedly passed objectionable remarks on the girl student. The girl narrated the shocking incident to her parents following which her enraged family members and fellow villagers on Thursday (January 5) had convened a Gram Sabha (village meeting) on the school premises. The accused teacher was summoned there. The teacher admitted to his misconduct. As per the decision of the Gram Sabha, he knelt down and prostrated before all for apology and was allegedly forced to write down a resignation letter. Even he was allegedly forced to fork out Rs 50,000 penalty. Later, the concerned BEO (block education officer) reached there and enquired into the matter.

Talking to media, ADM Srinibash Behera said, “After being informed, the DEO had deputed the BEO for enquiry. He has enquired into the incident there yesterday (Thursday). Law doesn’t permit the villagers to deliver justice. They should have handed over the accused to police. Police should have acted as per the law. Action will be taken against the teacher basing on the BEO’s enquiry report. On the other hand, if the teacher files complaint against the villagers before police for having taken law into their hands, actions will also be taken against the villagers.”