Viral Audio On Ticket Distribution Is By ‘Dirty Tricks Department’: BJD

**Bhubaneswar: ** In the wake of an audio tape having gone viral in the run-up to the ensuing general elections (both Lok Sabha and Assembly in Odisha) trying to evince that a score of sitting BJD MLAs won’t be given tickets this time, ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) today rubbished it dubbing “DTD” (Dirty Tricks Department).

In his media reactions, BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra fumed, “This audio tape was created by Dirty Tricks Department. The people of Odisha are well-versed about the fellows of these dirty tricks, who pass on false information and are habitual liars.”

He stated, “Lot more false audio tapes will emerge in the days to come, the more election inches closer, in a bid to create ripples. The audio tape in question is absolutely false.”

On being queried about the source of origin, pat came his reply in shape of counter questions, “Who are the proprietors of fake news factory? Isn’t it well-known to Odisha’s public? Who have been resorting to creating fake news and telling lies in the entire country for the last four years? There is no need for spelling out the names and exposing the identity.”

Senior BJD MLA from Athamallik Sanjib Sahu reacted, “Hon’ble Chief Minister is our party supremo. He is our numero uno asset of the stream of development. Whatever decision will be taken by him, we’ll obey.”
“Since 2004, I have never applied for ticket. Hon’ble Chief Minister is our party’s president and he takes the decision. He remains busy 18 hours per day for the people’s development. Hence, his decision is final,” Sahu stated.

Jaleswar assembly constituency’s senior party MLA Aswini Patra reacted, “There are lots of names in the audio. Tomorrow one more audio will surface. Cancellation of tickets drama is on. I think the creator has a mala fide intent.”

“Granting tickets is on our Hon’ble Chief Minister, who is our party chief. Naveen Patnaik is our party supremo. It is upto his wish to grant tickets. His name garners votes. We’ll definitely win with his blessings whatever tactics adopted, be it any social media or any other media in the world,” he averred.

If I’m not given ticket, whatever order will be given, I’m ready to obey,” he quipped.

Bhawanipatna constituency’s young BJD MLA Anam Naik said, “Hon’ble Chief Minister acts aptly at the right moment. The time is not yet ripe for ticket distribution exercise. If some of us are not given tickets, no problem. We are working for our party and will keep on doing so.”

“Certainly, the audio tape is fake. There isn’t an iota of truth. If Hon’ble Chief Minister blesses us, we’ll definitely fight the election as a candidate or else work for the party whatever responsibilities entrusted,” he clarified.

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