Viral Video: 87-Yr-Old Mother Begs To Enter Into House, Banker Son Shuns Her

**Rayagada: ** An 87-yr-old mother was seen begging to be let in the house, and her son, a retired bank officer was cruel enough not to open the locks of his door for his mother, who opened the doors of this world to him. This scene in Rayagada district of Odisha was captured by a vigilant onlooker who posted this heart wrenching video on social media.

Police and media representative swung into action as the video went viral.
The heartbreak in her eyes of the old woman named Krishnaveni got teary and spoke about the ill-treatment meted out by her first born ‘educated and retired bank officer’ son S Tabitaya.

“I was not let in the house by my elder son. I waited outside and knocked the door continuously. My son came, saw me and went away. Waiting for him to return, I slept for around 2 hrs near the main gate. But no one came and let me in.”

The octogenarian has two sons, S Tabitaya and S.Ravana. After the division of ancestral property between the two sons, it was decided that the mother would live with the sons for 6 months each. The old mother spent her 6 months with the younger son and was then was left at the threshold of the older son’s house by him.

It is believed that the elder son was not happy with the distribution of the property and therefore, did not want to take care of the mother during his turn. So the mother returned to her younger son S.Ravana.

The mother must have been elated when her first son was born, but all her happiness turned sour when the same son did not have the humaneness to even give shelter to his ageing mother.


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