Viral Video In Odisha: Cop Saves Heart-Attack Patient On Railway Platform

**Bhubaneswar**: A video is doing rounds in social media in which a police constable is seen acting as a life-saver to a heart-patient on a railway platform. The timely first-aid to the patient by the constable has garnered praises from all.

Though the exact place and time is yet to be ascertained, it is believed that the incident occurred in Bhubaneswar railway station on Wednesday night. Moreover, the identity of the patient and the constable is still not known.

In the video, it can be seen that the constable is constantly applying the CPR therapy, giving chest compressions and mouth to mouth respiration to a ‘lifeless’ body. Though the person did not respond initially, the cop continued with his efforts. After a while, there was movement in the body of the passenger who regained his breath and life.

This commendable act of the cop who saved the life of that ‘passenger’ in the absence of any doctor has won many hearts and shows his sheer humanity.

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