Viral Video Menace: Woman ‘Raped’ & Brutally Assaulted Lies On Roadside In Odisha, People Busy Making Video To Upload On Facebook

**Bhubaneswar:** Even though science and technology have made life easier and comfortable as well as turned the vast map of our world into a global village, it has also turned into a tool for relentlessly exhibiting sadistic attitude of people in quest of transient social approval.

A video got viral recently in which a young woman is seen lying on roadside, brutally crushed on her face, bleeding and writhing in pain. This gruesome incident took place in Raulahaza Mouza under Nirakarpur Police Station limits of Odisha’s Khurda district.

The most surprising fact was people around her were busy videographing instead of rushing her to the nearest hospital. The only instance of humanity was that one of them informed the police.

Till the police reached the spot and took the injured woman to hospital, the people projected their sadistic attitude by posting the video showing the woman in pain, probably raped and then crushed on her face in a bid to murder. It exhibited the dangerous modus operandi of social media which has ingrained in their veins. Their only concern was to garner their portion of likes and shares re-instating their social approval on the media platform.

It is only after the police reached, the woman was carried to hospital where she was declared brought dead.

Humanity has been lost in search of social acceptance on social media sites, the so-called rational beings have forgotten the basic concept of ‘being human’ and extending a helping hand. The woman in question might have been saved if a single person would have come forward to help her in time.

Social media has, thus, become a bad master in the hands of the unscrupulous users with vested interests and sadistic intent.

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