Viral Video On Facebook: Wife Alleges Man Having Illicit Relation With His Sister, Threatens Suicide In Front Of Naveen Niwas

**Bhubaneswar:** A video on Facebook posted by a housewife named Rudrani Behera is doing rounds on social media in which the housewife has levelled serious allegations against her husband and in-laws. She has also charged the police for its inaction and has threatened to commit suicide in front of Naveen Niwas if things do not go her way.

According to the Facebook video, Rudrani is a housewife from Berhampur married to a builder named Rajkumar Behera of Kalahandi. She has alleged that Rajkumar has an illicit relation with his sister Pragnya Paramita Behera since last 6 years. When she complained about it two years back, a compromise was duly reached . But now her sister-in-law Pragnya has taken her husband, Rajkumar and her three children along with her as an act of vengeance.

Rudrani is also voicing her fear regarding the safety of her 12-yr-old daughter. In the video, she says, “If a man can have illicit relation with his sister, how can he spare my daughter.” She claims to have no money for her survival and is living all alone at her home.

According to her statement, the BNpur police, Mahila thana police and the DSP have been turning a deaf ears to her plea.

She has also threatened to commit suicide in front of Naveen Niwas if there is no action taken in her favour.

OMMCOM NEWS does not vouch the authenticity of the woman’s statement and does not intend to promote her allegations.