Viral Video: Pradeep Maharathy Shoves Child At Public Meeting In Pipili

**Bhubaneswar:** People of Odisha often wonder, if Pipili legislator Pradeep Maharathy is a beneficiary of political compromises. A six-time MLA, Maharathy is a habitual limelight hogger, for the wrong reasons.

His antics and discourses have often been crass and unbecoming of an elected representative.

A case in point is an incident which occured recently at Teisipur Panchayat of Pipili Block. During a public meeting, Pradeep Maharathy was on a break and engaged in discussions with a couple of persons.

A child, aged about 6 to 8 years, walked past the legislator while he was engrossed in the conversation and taking brief spit-breaks.

The moment the child in question was right infront of Maharathy, he shoved him aside, as a result of which the little boy fell down on a pasture land. The child managed to regain composure, stood up and started walking.

A supporter of the ‘Bahubali’ MLA was seen helping the boy who disappeared into the crowd within moments. A member of the public shot the entire sequence of events on a mobile camera.

The incident, which reflects utter apathy of an elected public representative for a child in his own constituency, has sparked outcry within political circles.