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Viral Video: Watch Snake-Bitten Patient Being Treated With ‘Arakh’ Milk On Hospital Premises

Balasore: Even amid the scientifically advanced 21st century, superstition and blind belief still bind our literally rational human beings. A glaring instance is that of resorting to sorcery instead of relying on the proven medical treatment to a snakebite case.

As claimed by a viral video doing rounds in social media, such a queer incident took place amazingly on the premises of Baliapal Community Health Centre (CHC).

It is further claimed that a staffer (BPM) of the CHC is allegedly seen applying his unscientific treatment to the snake-bitten serious patient and also the CHC sweeper is allegedly seen applying milk of Arakh plant (Calotropis Gigantean) that is deemed to be extremely toxic.

Sources said that a youth hailing from Kulahachada village of Baliapal block was bitten by a poisonous snake a few days ago. The concerned doctor soon after attending the emergency case at Baliapal CHC had at once referred him to Cuttack SCB Medical College and Hospital.

Other details were unavailable till the filing of this story.

However, Ommcom News doesn’t vouch for the veracity of the video as well as the claims and allegations.


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